Thousands of people from all age groups and various nationalities continued to throng Katara – The Cultural Village Sunday, enjoying the various activities in celebration of Eid al-Adha.
Building 18 at Katara had a range of activities for children who took part in games, performances, theatre activities, workshops, painting and cartoon shows.

The diverse and interesting theatrical performances were admired by the children, and featured a bouquet of the most enchanting tales. Colouring books and T-shirts were distributed to children along with Eid gifts that were distributed to families arriving in cars at the main entrances of Katara. The gifts were given away to girls and boys as per their age groups.

The Thuraya Planetarium launched various captivating shows yesterday. Katara said these shows will continue until tomorrow (Tuesday), from 5pm to 7pm. On the itinerary are shows such as Polaris (3D), the universe, eight planets of the Milky Way, the stars show, the astronaut (3D), the perfect planet, and space guards Zola.

Katara Beach also received visitors from 3pm to 11pm. During the Eid al-Adha holidays, the beach is offering a 50% discount on water sports, and entry is free for those under 18. Katara Drama Theatre is also hosting film shows.
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