The Ministry of Municipality has prepared beaches around the country for the Eid al-Adha holiday. The beaches are classified as public, for families, for women, and for corporate workers and bachelors.
The ministry has stressed that it is strictly forbidden to enter or use the beaches meant for families by others.
"On the occasion of Eid al-Adha and in the context of attention to various groups and segments of society, as well as the provision of recreational services, the Ministry of Municipality announces the preparation of several beaches for families and others exclusively for corporate workers and bachelors, where it is strictly forbidden to enter or use the beaches of families in other areas," the ministry said in an announcement on social media.
The most important beaches are the following, as listed by the ministry: Al Wakra Beach: for families; Al Farkiah Beach, Al Khor: for families; Sealine Beach: for families; Al Ghariya Beach: for families; Simaisma Beach: for women; Al Mamlaha Beach: for women; and Al Kharij Beach: for corporate workers and bachelors.
The full list of beaches and their location can be found on the ministry's Twitter page at
The ministry has also issued a few general instructions for those using the beaches: avoid starting a bonfire directly on the sand; do not bury coal in the sand; maintain public hygiene; throw waste in designated bins; and wear a life jacket when swimming.
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