QSC organises virtual session on culture of innovation in Arab region
July 06 2022 05:53 PM
Qatar Scientific Club has announced its activities for the holy month of Ramadan, which focus on sci


Qatar Scientific club (QSC) organised a virtual dialogue session on the culture of innovation in the Arab region with the participation of more than 100 inventors from different countries and various Arab experts.

The session, which was broadcasted live on the social network "Instagram", focused on the challenges facing Arab youth innovators, especially with regard to the technical and financial aspects.

The session reviewed the experience of the State of Qatar in supporting young pioneers of innovators by providing the appropriate infrastructure to turn the idea into a prototype and then into a final model. The session also reviewed the role of the QSC in this field and the centers it created for innovators in particular.

In this context, the Executive Director of Qatar Scientific Club Eng. Rashid Al Rahimi stressed the need to create appropriate conditions for innovation and for the innovative project to be characterized by a set of elements that qualify it to compete in both local and global markets.

Participants in the session recommended intensifying Arab and international exhibitions because of their impact on the innovator's character and their role in developing the innovator's innovation culture. They also called for changing innovation support policies and making them more flexible.

The innovators stressed that the youths are the cornerstone of any positive change and have a pioneering rule that governments should use properly in various scientific, sports, political, and social fields.

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