Al Wakra Municipality Health Control Section carried out 923 field inspection tours in June targeting the various food outlets and retailers there, resulting in issuing 27 violation reports according to law no 8 for 1990 on the regulation of human food control with 24 of these resolved in reconciliation and three referred to the concerned security entities to take the necessary procedures.
Besides, the section supervised the slaughtering of 10,294 heads of livestock at the automated slaughterhouse of Al Wakra, where 377 full carcasses were destroyed and 6,025 kgs of meat destroyed as well for being unfit for human consumption. Further, 54 tonnes of fish were examined at the Fish Market and 575 kgs of these were destroyed accordingly for being unfit for human consumption.
In the meantime, the director of the municipality issued six administrative decisions to shut down a number of food facilities and outlets for violating the law.
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