Major success, achievements for Shura Council in current session
July 04 2022 11:13 PM
Shura Council


The Shura Council, in the first legislative term of the 50th annual session, made many important achievements in legislative fields and many other issues that have a direct impact on citizens, QNA reported from Doha.
On the legislative side, the Shura Council discussed the legislative tools that regulate the temporary expropriation and seizure of private property for public benefit, the ownership of real estate by state-accredited diplomatic missions, and the two draft laws on social insurance and military retirement.
Also, the Council discussed proposals related to inflation, the reluctance of Qatari citizens for the teaching profession, negative aspects associated with marriage, opportunities for Qatari jobseekers, promoting values and national identity, discussing and approving the Council's organisational structure and personnel regulations, as well as studying and discussing members' electoral programmes.
Through 35 plenary sessions and several meetings of its various committees, the Council dealt with many vital issues of interest to the country and the citizens, and presented appropriate proposals regarding them to the esteemed government.
The Shura Council discussed several topics in the first ordinary session of the first legislative term, corresponding to the 50th annual session.
These topics included two decree-laws, ten draft laws, eight requests for general discussion, and 12 reports of its five permanent committees, namely: the Internal and External Affairs Committee, the Information and Cultural Affairs Committee, the Economic and the Financial Affairs Committee, the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee, and the Services and the Public Utilities Committee, in addition to discussing 33 participation reports.
The five permanent committees of the Council discussed 19 topics, which varied between requests, bills, and decree-laws, while the four temporary committees discussed four requests and topics referred to them.
During this session, the Shura Council also participated in 25 external events, four seminars, 14 remote meetings, and 72 meetings with heads of state and delegations, in addition to side meetings and internal meetings.
This role was characterised by the esteemed government's sincere and constructive co-operation with the Council in the legislative field through constructive discussions and recommendations, in which the Council participated — with other state institutes — in the process of renaissance and development.
The heads of committees and members of the Council played a prominent role and exerted appreciated efforts to achieve the interest of the country and citizens.
The Shura Council is a member of regional and international parliamentary unions such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union; Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean; Association of Senates, Shura and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World; The Parliamentary Union of the OIC member states; Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union; Arab Parliament and its committees; High-Level Parliamentary Working Group on Science and Technology; in addition to its membership in Asian Parliamentary Assembly.
The Shura Council also chairs the Association of General Secretaries of Arab Parliaments; Association of Senates, Shura and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World Financial, Economic and Social Committee, Inter-Parliamentary Union Permanent Committee on Peace and International Security.
The Council is a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights, Committee on United Nations Affairs; Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean Standing Committee for Economic, Social, and Environmental Co-operation.
The Shura Council has six friendship groups: Arab, Asian, African, European, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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