Qatar Chamber first vice chairman Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari held a meeting Monday with Pham Quang Hieu, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, to discuss Qatar-Vietnam trade and economic relations.
Al-Kuwari welcomed the deputy minister at Qatar Chamber’s Doha headquarters in the presence of Vietnam’s ambassador to Qatar Tran Duc Hung where they also talked about investment opportunities and explored the potential establishment of a Qatar-Vietnam Joint Business Council.
Al-Kuwari said Qatari businessmen are interested in exploring investment opportunities in Vietnam, especially the capabilities, facilities, and incentives it provides to foreign investors.
“The opportunity is favourable for the private sector in both countries to establish mutual partnerships and enhance the volume of trade exchange. Qatar Chamber is keen to allow business owners to explore the available investment opportunities and establish joint meetings that pave the way for alliances and economic partnerships,” al-Kuwari pointed out.
Hieu lauded Qatar-Vietnam relations, saying there is an opportunity to enhance co-operation in economic areas, increase the volume of trade exchange, and establish long-term partnerships between the private sectors of both countries.
He underscored Vietnam’s investment incentives and “great potential,” saying the Southeast Asian country has been attracting major international companies. He also stressed that the areas in which both countries can co-operate “are many and varied” in the fields of infrastructure, technology, communications, and halal, among others.
Hieu called on Qatari business owners and investors to learn about the investment opportunities in his country and to discuss the possibility of partnerships with their Vietnamese counterparts to benefit the economies of both countries.
He also stressed that Qatar Chamber has been playing a role in enhancing co-operation between the business communities in Qatar and Vietnam.