Based on its vision to promote the health of members of the community, raise awareness of diabetes prevention, and to provide care for people living with diabetes, Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), a member of Qatar Foundation, organised three diabetes campaigns over the past week. Two campaigns were in collaboration with Al Meera for its clients at the Al Qutaifiya branch and for Al Meera staff at Qatar Tower.
A third campaign was held in co-operation with the Hyatt Plaza.

The campaign at Al Meera

A medical team of QDA carried out a blood sugar test, checked pressure, measured the height, weight and waist circumference, provided the necessary health education and consultations on how to prevent diabetes, healthy eating and the importance of physical activity, and distributed educational bulletins on prevention and diabetes care.
Two cases of severe high blood sugar were detected and transferred to a health centre, and followed up at Qatar Diabetes Association clinics.

The campaign for Al Meera staff

On the sidelines of the campaign event, Dr Abdullah al-Hamaq, executive director of QDA, said: “Diabetes is one of the major health and development challenges of this century. It is responsible for millions of deaths annually, weakening complications, and an incalculable impact on the well-being of the people living with it. No country, rich or poor, is immune to it. Therefore, as a voice for people diagnosed with it or who are in the pre-diabetes stage, we work hard with our partners in the field of health to change this situation through many educational services and clinics of the QDA and also intensify such awareness campaigns directed at the general public.
“We were pleased to co-ordinate with Al Meera and Hyatt Plaza and appreciate their effective co-operation in the success of the awareness campaigns, and I hope that our fruitful co-operation will continue in the future in carrying out other campaigns to provide our services to all their customers,” added Dr al-Hamaq.