HE the Shura Council Speaker Hassan bin Abdullah al-Ghanim lauded the great support offered by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to the Council, out of his recognition of the importance of popular participation in decision-making.
Speaking on the sidelines of the closing session of the first legislative term, corresponding to the Shura Council's 50th annual session, HE al-Ghanim said the session came as a conclusion to the Council's strong efforts that included legislation, parliamentary participation and diplomatic work in parliamentary forums, as well as conferences and international organisations pertaining to the parliamentary role.
He lauded the Council members' efforts in discussing draft laws and topics that concern the citizens, hailing the prominent role played by the Council's committees through its numerous meetings to discuss everything submitted by members, in addition to its commitment to achieving the country's interest and citizens' aspirations.
HE the Speaker emphasised that the Council is the people's assembly and it was primarily established for the people's interest, explaining that it derives and inspires its operation from the heartbeat of the street and puts in mind the aspirations and hopes of the citizens.
HE al-Ghanim said the Council gives high priority to public opinion, including hopes and aspirations, whether those matters are received via members of the Council or other matters discussed on various media platforms.
He added the Council's operation is entirely devoted to achieving the interests of the country and its citizens, and stressed that the Council would never hesitate for a moment in pursuing the achievement of this objective to advance public interest.