Ooredoo Qatar is reminding businesses of its commitment to providing On-Premises Network (OPN) and managed infrastructure services, backed by connectivity and co-location solutions.
Ooredoo is offering on-premises ICT infrastructure services to business customers. Ranging from passive cabling, such as indoor and outdoor fibre solutions, to indoor cabling, cabinets and industrial cabling solutions, Ooredoo can supply essential equipment, such as servers, routers and switches. An enterprise’s ICT solutions could be further augmented through the delivery of cybersecurity, data centre, cloud, and collaboration-based solutions.
The OPN services offered include the full suite of Cisco solutions, such as enterprise networking, wireless, security, data centre networking, ACI, SDA, collaboration solutions, IPTV and Digital Signage (Middleware), customised telephony solutions, smart classroom solutions, and servers.
In the cybersecurity domain, Ooredoo delivers Fortinet/Palo Alto security solutions, the F5 Load balancer/Web Application Firewall, Imperva WAF/DB Firewalls, and Forcepoint Security Solutions.
Thani al-Malki, executive director Business at Ooredoo, said: “While several system integrators now offer OPN services, only Ooredoo offers OPN from the bedrock of being a trusted brand name.
“We are proud to be raising awareness of Ooredoo ICT solution services, as our corporate customers should know that they can rely on Ooredoo for their future infrastructure services.”
He added: “For instance, should a business or government client need voice video and data for its campus or tower, Ooredoo can build up both the passive infrastructure and the active network above it.”
Business customers can leverage the Ooredoo Advantage, making Ooredoo ‘Best for Business’, thanks to its breadth and depth of talent, best fixed and mobile networks, broadest portfolio of ICT services and solutions, and trusted partner for 60 years.
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