Charity and volunteering advocate Mega Cervantes and his friends came together for a 'Mega Wish' - an initiative to distribute water to people on the streets. Cervantes and his friends launched the initiative on June 24 by distributing a total of 1,050 bottles of water at a number of places, such as Al Mansoura, Al Sadd, Bin Omran, Bin Mahmoud, Madinat Khalifa and the Souq area from 9am-11am.

The main objective is to hand out water to people the volunteers encounter on streets, such as construction workers, security guards, cleaners, food delivery riders, public vehicle drivers and bystanders waiting for public transportation. The summer campaign received assistance from Family Food Centre and McDonald's, the organisers said in a statement. 'Mega Wish' can be followed on YouTube @DtProduqtionOfficial and @SimplyMegabyheart, as well as on Instagram, @Mega_byheart
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