The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) Women’s Forum presented a workshop themed 'Happy Feet, Happy Heart', an innovative experiment towards healthy living, at ICC Ashoka Hall recently.
"Dancing and guided meditation have proven to have physical and mental benefits and are a great medium to de-stress and unwind. Hence, the objective of the workshop was to create a positive balance through mass dancing and guided meditation," a press statement noted.
Three dance forms, each lasting 10 minutes, were presented to the participants - Bollywood style by team Emote Edition, zumba by Zumba Zashn and team, and folklore dance by Bhavna Sharma and her students.
Some intensive dancing by the participating women was followed by a guided meditation session to calm their minds and help them control their thoughts. It was conducted by trainer Padmini Sundar.
The event turned out to be refreshing and relaxing for the all women who were eager to participate and asked for more such events, the statement added.
The event was inaugurated by chief guest Rajni Murthy, ICBF MC member, and Krishna Kumar, ICC general secretary, along with other committee members - Mohan Kumar, Kamala Thakur and Shwetha Koshti.
The show was conceptualised and hosted by Sumaa Mahesh Gowda. Members of the community appreciated this initiative of the ICC Women’s Forum.