The Head of the Information Systems Unit at Qatar Haj Mission Abdulhadi Obaid al-Mahran said that the unit continues to update the electronic systems to serve the pilgrims of the country and facilitate all matters related to the Haj journey, starting with the registration process or after the stage of electronic sorting, choosing them to perform the Haj and registering them through the electronic track at the Ministry of Haj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and obtaining the Haj visa and electronic bracelets, and then their arrival to Makkah.
He added that the unit is the main driver of the process of integration and communication with the Saudi Haj system in registering pilgrims and facilitating transactions and support for all units supporting the mission and the Qatari Haj campaigns. He pointed out that services have been added to link the pilgrims of Qatar with direct contact through the unified call and support centre, to provide them with assistance as soon as possible and to answer all their inquiries.
He said that this is done through the free hotline that allows communication from within Qatar by number (132), and also allows every pilgrim to communicate free of charge with the mission from within Saudi Arabia via the number (8003040444). Al-Mahran said that the unit added the feature of sending the pilgrim's location to request assistance in normal and critical cases.
He stressed that the unit has prepared an electronic system for campaigns to enable it to manage the registration of its pilgrims, collect the required documents, manage the means of transportation and their places of residence in Makkah and the holy sites, and determine the number of administrators for each campaign, including doctors and employees. He pointed out that the unit trains campaign representatives to deal with the electronic track and complete their procedures, in addition to issuing permits for pilgrims through the Qatari Haj system linked to the Saudi Haj system.
He pointed out the need for pilgrims of Qatar to carry electronic wrist bracelets, which have been approved by the Saudi Ministry of Haj and obligatory for all pilgrims, and they carry the pilgrim's data and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs permit, as the pilgrim cannot travel through the Mashaer train except with these bracelets. Al-Mahran said that the unit provided an e-reader system for the pilgrims' bracelets on smart devices to allow only pilgrims of Qatar to enter the camps in Mina and Arafat.
He pointed out that the unit is preparing the electronic Haj system and preparing it to work before the Haj season, and making registration available through handheld devices such as mobile devices and tablets, which facilitates the entry and registration of users in the system. He stressed that the unit assists all mission units in preparing reports, especially on approvals, campaigns and the health conditions of pilgrims during the performance of rituals. It is worth noting that the Qatari Haj mission works with perseverance and diligence to ensure the provision of distinguished services to the pilgrims of Qatar and to perform Haj and all rituals in the best conditions and in the correct manner.
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