The Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) has awarded Dukhan Bank with nine accolades during its annual awards programme ‘Banking Excellence in the Middle East and North Africa 2022’.
The awards recognise Dukhan Bank’s distinguished efforts in providing private banking services and its leadership in enriching the digital banking experience for its customers with innovative solutions.
While the bank won the ‘Best Private Bank Qatar’ award, Dukhan Bank general manager & head of Private Banking, Chaouki Daher, received the ‘Mena Private Banker of the Year’ award in recognition of his efforts and longstanding success in leading the private banking division through a progressive strategy that resulted in unparalleled state-of-the-art services while simultaneously ensured customers’ loyalty across generations.
Moreover, the bank won seven more prestigious accolades: ‘Mena Digital Bank of the Year’ and ‘Mena Most Innovative Bank of the Year’. The bank's virtual assistant, Rashid, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), also went home with trophies for ‘Best Use of AI in FS’, ‘Excellence in Omnichannel Integration’, and ‘Best Multichannel & Best Next Generation Offering’ categories. The bank's range of Shariah-compliant wealth management also won the bank a further award for ‘Outstanding WM Service for the Affluent’.
The new accolades come to further support Dukhan Bank’s position as the first choice for Islamic banking and a fitting tribute to its capabilities to be ahead of its peers in adopting emerging technologies that are reshaping the banking industry.
Titled ‘Recognising Mena Banking Gamechangers’, the first edition of the Mena Banking Excellence Award programme celebrates the best-in-class banking and financial services institutions and individuals for their innovative offerings and commitment to customer excellence.
Khalid al-Subeai, Dukhan Bank CEO, stressed that the awards are new milestones added to the bank’s series of achievements and emphasises the effectiveness of its strategy in designing top-notch banking services catering to customers’ needs.
He said, “It gives me great pleasure to convey heartfelt congratulations to the Dukhan Bank family, including management and employees, on this great success which undoubtedly asserts that our efforts to enrich the overall banking experience have been fruitful.
“We have been at the forefront in boosting the banking sector in Qatar with global-scale state-of-the-art unrivalled services and products inspired by the latest digital technologies; it’s at the core of our strategy to maintain and enhance our customers’ loyalty while remaining always their bank of choice.”
Daher said, “We are honoured to add this major win to our record of success, which comes to affirm the bank’s leading position as pioneering the private banking sector in Qatar and being customers’ first choice. Indeed, it is a recognition to our professional private banking experts whose consistent efforts contributed efficiently to upscaling the overall sector.”
Dukhan Bank’s accolades in recognition of its excellence in digital banking confirm its relentless efforts since 2020 to strengthen its robust digital transformation strategy have resulted in a vast expansion in the bank’s portfolio of elite digital products and services while being noticed by international evaluation entities.
The bank has taken the helm in the industry by implementing a series of unrivalled enhancements to the retail mobile banking application that includes access to time deposit, wealth management accounts, and foreign currency account services.
Additionally, Dukhan Bank topped up its digital endeavours by enhancing its app with the D-Pay platform, a true masterpiece feature offering contactless payment eliminating the need to carry on cash and credit cards. The bank prides itself to be the first bank in Qatar to launch a digital prepaid card, MasterCard’s Digital First Card Programme, and one of two banks that first provided the Apple Pay service in the Qatari market
Moreover, Dukhan Bank has been studying and experimenting with emerging technologies over the years and some of these have reached a tipping point, presenting new growth opportunities. Another milestone achieved in line with Dukhan Bank’s successful digital journey is Rashid, the AI-powered virtual assistant. An interactive, multichannel virtual assistant, Rashid is accessible on Dukhan Mobile, the bank’s website, and WhatsApp.
On a corporate level, Dukhan Bank launched the Corporate Banking Digital Platform, which offers a range of features suited for businesses that allow corporate administrators to manage their users, handle multiple levels of approvals as required by corporate mandates, download transactions, view account statements, as well as fund transfers from their accounts, conduct intra-bank third party transfers, domestic and international transfers with a seamless transition between web and mobile app.