Qatar's Haj mission, represented by the Mashaer services unit and call centre and support unit, held a co-ordination meeting in the holy city of Makkah with officials and representatives of Qatari campaigns.
The meeting reviewed the latest developments in Saudi Arabia's traffic plan, safety and security procedures and distribution of camps at Mashaer, and the co-operation needed to provide all services to Qatari pilgrims in Mina, Arafa and Muzdalifa.
This year, the Qatari mission adopted a new system to provide the best services for all Qatari campaigns through co-ordination with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia Company.
The mission approved the Saudi company Al Ektimal — which is considered a distinguished and experienced company — to provide all services and equipment necessary for the Qatari camps.
Services and requirements include nutrition, catering, mattresses, beds, security, and hygiene, as well as the provision of toilets, ablutions, and other matters.
Head of the Mashaer unit Abdullah al-Madahka said that the company would provide multi-use chairs, which the pilgrim can use as a bed or as a seat according to what the pilgrim desires, in addition to providing security and hygiene around the clock, according to the highest standards the pilgrims of Qatar are accustomed to.
Al-Madahka added that Al Ektimal will provide an "open buffet" for all pilgrims of Qatar, in an organised manner so that in each hall there is a door to enter to choose the food and drinks, and the other door to exit to their camp headquarters.
He added that the Saudi company Al Ektimal is accredited by the Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia Company and that it has practical experience for 13 years in preparing camps, food, furniture, and all requirements in the Holy Places, which is considered one of the best companies in providing services to pilgrims.
The Saudi company promised the Haj mission and campaigns to prepare the tents in Mina and Arafa, including luxury mattresses and beds, besides the other best services available.
The company will also provide wheelchairs for patients with chronic diseases under the supervision of the medical unit of the mission, as well as appropriate means for people with special needs.
The head of communication and support unit centre at the Qatari mission, Khalid Waleed al-Hammadi, said that the centre works 24 hours a day to provide services to pilgrims, receive their calls, inquiries and provides immediate assistance to them, in addition to following up on the progress of the grouping operations and the movement of the campaigns, as well as their movements during their presence in the holy places.
He pointed out the importance of direct communication with the campaign guide on all the buses owned by the Qatari campaigns to check up on the safety of pilgrims, and to identify the problems they encounter, where they are followed up by the centre, especially in the holy places.
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