The Public Works Authority (Ashghal), represented by the Roads Projects Department’s (RPD) Local Areas Infrastructure Programme, has won three global awards in 2022 from Harvard Business Council (HBC), which is based in New York, US.
Through these awards, the council aims to honour organisations worldwide that demonstrate commitment and excellence in different categories.
The Local Areas Infrastructure Programme won the 'Health and Safety Award' and 'Green Award' at the Diamond Level, as well as the 'Dealing with Covid-19 Award' at the Gold Level.

Ashghal was among the 63 winners who managed to reach the required levels, out of 439 candidates from around the world, the authority said in a press statement Monday.
Saoud al-Tamimi, Ashghal’s RPD manager, commended the authority’s continuous accomplishments, especially with the RPD’s constant winning of globally renowned awards for successive years in different fields.
“The HBC awards won recently by the department will be added to the long list of global awards. This reiterates the authority’s commitment to adopting the best practices and demonstrates its excellence in providing top-quality services, while safeguarding the local environment and resources and promoting the safety of its workers,” he said.
"Winning the Diamond Level 'Health and Safety Award' and 'Green Award' from HBC, in addition to the Gold Level 'Dealing with Covid-19 Award' certifies the
authority’s ability to deal with crises and maintain its operations and project delivery with top quality and under difficult circumstances without compromising the health and safety of workers. This is also done while preserving the local environment, making the best use of resources, promoting sustainability and spreading awareness and best practices constantly in these domains, as these are the cornerstones of Ashghal’s project implementation strategy,” al-Tamimi added.
According to the Harvard Business Council, Ashghal has shown excellence in the Health and Safety category by prioritising the protection of its staff and the public through constant work zone audits and inspections, interviewing and co-ordinating with managers and workers, and engaging all staff, regardless of their job grades, in everything related to occupational safety and health.
In addition, the authority conducted risk analysis and assessment and set out an effective method for proactive risk identification and management.
“What enabled Ashghal to achieve such a high rank in the 'Green Award' – Diamond Level was its leading position in the construction sector in Qatar with regard to spreading awareness and promoting a sustainability culture, and its commitment to engaging and encouraging all stakeholders - from consulting companies, contractors, suppliers, workers and others - to adopt positive environmental practices, create solutions and new methods, and apply them throughout the different stages of project implementation,” the council said.
As for the 'Dealing with Covid-19 Award' (Gold Level),Ashghal demonstrated readiness, flexibility and tenacity in facing such a sudden and devastating health crisis like the pandemic that affected the whole world. Building on the 'Put People First' principle, the organisation continued to deliver quality services to the community while ensuring that its employees and their families stayed safe. Moreover, they demonstrated that decisive leadership is essential to foster swift response, good collaboration, timely communication and evidence-based decisions, which are critical to mitigate any adverse effects of a crisis of such magnitude.
The RPD’s Local Areas Infrastructure Programme recently won nine international health and safety awards for the third year in a row from the British Safety Council, in addition to Communitas’ Ethical and Environmental Sustainability Award in 2022, which was awarded by the US-based Communitas Organisation.
The Communitas Awards aim to recognise exceptional organisations and individuals who manage to safeguard resources, and those who are changing how they do business to benefit their communities.
Harvard Business Council is an organisation aimed at recognising and rewarding those who distinguish themselves through excellence and best practices in salient areas pertaining to the environment and society, and "Ashghal has undoubtedly proved to fit this description", the statement adds.
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