Chia Nation at The Pearl Island Saturday hosted its weekly lecture, delivered by Mohamed Abdul Malik al-Hammadi on the topic of 'United Through Food and Culture’.
Al-Hammadi is described as a 'multipotentialite' - a person with different interests and creative pursuits in life. His vision is to unite and connect the world through food and culture and take Qatar's authentic flavour to the world.
The talk was held as part of the lecture series held by Chia Nation to encourage healthy eating habits and educate the public about authentic Qatari culinary experiences while strengthening cultural ties between people.
The talk, while shedding light on the Qatari culinary legacy, its transformation and the current trends, also highlighted the diverse aspects of the art of cooking.
Al-Hammadi said he is on a mission to introduce authentic Qatari culinary experiences throughout the world, driven by passion and experience.
His initiative, The Cooking Academy (TCA), operates with the aim of bringing people together, and learn and enjoy the art of cooking while preserving and evolving the local traditional recipes and exporting them to the world.
Food is the connecting point that makes mutual understanding possible, he stressed. “We create fusion menus having local flavours with a Qatari touch. TCA follows the mix of both education and entertainment," he added.
The term Chia was adopted from the Mayan language and it refers to power. Chia Nation serves a variety of snacks made of chia seeds, which provide a wide range of health benefits.
Chia Nation owner Sheikha Muneera Issa al-Thani said: “While serving healthy food, we are trying to draw the public towards healthy eating by educating them and dissuading them from eating too much junk food. Chia Nation is a place that sells great-tasting healthy and organic snacks and it promotes healthy eating habits and cultural ties through gatherings and discussions. Food and culture are things that bring people together.”
Sheikha Muneera said the eatery is looking to make people, especially the younger generation, aware of the ways to ensure healthy living and the benefits of consuming organic food items, adding that Chia is a super seed with a lot of nutrients and benefits.
“Chia Nation wants to serve the younger generations while making them strong. Also, it’s an idea-sharing platform. It’s a venue for people from various walks of life to sit, discuss, ask and share their experiences. We have so far hosted talks by many experts from various fields,” she said, adding that Chia Nation upholds Qatari values and the Arab legacy while serving food and encouraging healthy food habits.
Chia Nation is also offering free, organic recipes on social media. It seeks to draw younger generations towards healthy habits and help them prepare such meals by themselves.
The talks are also shared through Chia Nation’s YouTube channel and social media accounts.
Al-Hammadi has worked in a variety of industries, such as aviation, drilling, project management and energy.