Al Meera Consumer Goods Company participated in the celebration of World Food Safety Day 2022 to highlight its continuous efforts and commitment to the highest standards of food safety. The celebration was organised recently by the Ministry of Municipality under the slogan ‘Safer Food for Better Health’ at Al Khor Park.

World Food Safety Day is celebrated annually on June 7 to stress the importance of maintaining food safety, emphasising the risks associated with the lack of proper attention to food safety.
It also underscores the best ways to manage the potential risks and promote possible solutions to achieve further progress in enhancing food safety and improving human health, economic prosperity, agriculture and sustainable development.
During the event, Al Meera set up a special kiosk in Al Khor Park and provided visitors and participants with snacks to make the event more enjoyable.
In addition, Al Meera distributed fridge magnets as giveaways with important and vital tips on how to maintain food safety and raise awareness of the most important health requirements that should be taken into account when dealing with different food products.
Al Meera also spread awareness about food and safety measures that they take to ensure healthy and safe products to customers
Commenting on its participation in the event, Al Meera stated: “As a leading national retailer that manages the largest network of branches in the country, we participate in the World Food Safety Day celebration as part of our social responsibility to the community. It comes in line with our full commitment to ensure food safety from farm to table and across the various stages of supply chains in all our business.
Moreover, the participation stems from our vision and objectives of giving our customers easy access to their necessary food products needs and high-quality goods at very competitive prices, embodying our slogan ‘Your Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer’.
“In our work, we attach utmost importance to food safety, starting from selecting the best products, dealing with highly trusted suppliers, following advanced and best processes in transportation and storage systems, as well as in-store to ensure the best quality for our customers.
“These criteria are consistent with the international food security and safety guidelines followed in the State of Qatar in order to confront the prevailing threats in this field. We also extend our continuous support to national farms and local producers, enabling them to increase their production and adopt the latest standards in farm cultivation, in a way that boosts Qatar’s endeavours towards self-sufficiency and providing the best fresh and safe local products to the citizens and residents of the Qatari community.”
Al Meera is leading the way in raising collective awareness of food safety through various campaigns across its branches and platforms on social media. It is always keen on enhancing co-operation with different partners from the governmental and private sector in this regard.
Furthermore, Al Meera continues to set high standards for quality, including food safety standards, which culminated in many local and international recognitions, including the ISO 22000:2018 certificate.
The British Standards Institution awarded Al Meera this certificate in recognition of its robust food safety and security management system, especially in terms of control processes, and safety and quality standards to ensure that all products placed on the shelf are absolutely safe for shoppers.
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