In celebration of World Environment Day, Doha Women Forum has brought together 10 emerging female artists in Qatar as they exhibit their artistic responses to the ever-growing impacts of climate change on planet earth. In collaboration with Doha Festival City, the exhibition runs until June 30 on the ground floor of the mall with the aim to engage audiences and to call on people to reflect and take part in protecting the environment. ‘The World We Live In’ exhibition features painting, photography, sculpture, and digital artwork of Aryam Ramos (Venezuela), Fatima Mohamed (Qatar), Joud Al Rushidat (Jordan), Minahil Khuram (Canada), Nis Halim (Malaysia), Noof Almerekhi (Qatar), Reem Zaghmout (Qatar), Swapna Namboodiri (India), Trizha Valino (Philippines), and Valeria Kholod (Ukraine).