The head of the medical unit of the Qatari Haj Mission, Dr Khalid Abdul Hadi, has said that the mission is ready to work around the clock to provide the necessary healthcare for the pilgrims of Qatar in Makkah and in the holy sites for this year’s Haj.

Dr Abdul Hadi said in an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the Ministry of Public Health will provide all high-level health services, including equipment, medicines and treatments, for the safety and health of the pilgrims, so that they can perform Haj in the best condition.

Regarding the tasks and specialisations of the medical unit during the Haj season, Dr Abdul Hadi explained that the mission is to provide comprehensive healthcare, starting with the arrival of the pilgrim to the Holy Land in Makkah, in addition to accompanying the pilgrims wherever they go, and working on rapid intervention when needed.

He pointed out that clinics for men and women have been provided, and rooms designated for observation and isolation in cases that require medical isolation for any patient, whether in Makkah or the holy sites in Mina, Arafa and Muzdalifah, stressing that the medical unit crews strive to provide the necessary health services and first aid according to the highest standards.

of the Medical Unit noted that the medical staff accompanying the Qatari Haj delegation are among the most skilled specialised doctors, including family physicians, epidemiologists, and emergency physicians, in addition to a nursing team, paramedics and pharmacists.

On the measures that the medical unit will take this year in light of the current exceptional health conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Abdul Hadi said that the medical unit is aware of the major challenges during this year’s season, so it has prepared well by establishing an entire floor for isolation at the headquarters of the Office of Pilgrims Affairs of Qatar in Makkah, with a section for men and another for women, as well as a floor for clinics, in addition to allocating a third floor at the bottom of the building for a quick inspection; to indicate whether the pilgrim or the patient needs temporary isolation. He said that medical personnel will be constantly present among the pilgrims to serve all Qatari campaigns in Mina, Arafa and Muzdalifah.

Dr Abdel Hadi stressed that the medical unit will be ready to deal with any sick case that needs rapid intervention, whether by ambulance or the doctor’s immediate examination of the patient, highlighting the importance of the role of the communication unit of the Qatari Haj mission, which will also work around the clock to ensure communication between the Office of Pilgrims Affairs of Qatar in Makkah and all Qatari Haj campaigns.

On whether there is co-operation to provide medical services in Saudi Arabia to serve the pilgrims of Qatar in emergency cases, he said that the medical unit has signed a contract with Al-Ahli Saudi Private Hospital, which is located near the residence of Qatari pilgrims in order to treat cases that have to be hospitalised.

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