MES Indian School marked the World Environment Day with students participating in various activities under the campaign slogan ‘Only One Earth.’
The team of Campus Care Force (CCF) leaders conducted a special assembly. Students spoke on the importance of preserving the environment.
The department of fine arts organised a poster-making competition on the topic 'Hug A Tree’, ‘Keep it Clean, Keep it Green’, ‘Let’s Be friends with Earth’ and ‘Be a Designer’ (painting) to generate awareness on the importance of conservation of nature and greenery.
A myriad of creative activities such as ‘Best out of Waste’, ’Poster on Say No to Plastic Bags’, ‘Essay on Global Warming’, ‘Collage Making on the theme –Only One Earth’ were conducted for students of KG-1 to XII.
Students also made creative products such as wall hangings, cards, pen stands, bags, paper boxes, and flowers.
In ‘Be a Reporter activity’ students gave power-point presentations on various environmental issues. Teachers and the administration staff came dressed in green.
Jency George, Sneha Ramachandran, Vijayashermila, Shiney Suresh, Shiny V T K, Limy Mol M N, Bitty Varghese, Sibby Shaji John, Renu Raturi and Ashita Fazil were the teachers in charge of the events of the World Environment Day.
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