Qatar University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University of Brunei to bolster work in exchanging experiences in fields of common interest.
Qatar University President Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham and Dr Haji Noor Irfan bin Haji Zainal, President of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, signed the MoU, which will bolster the work in exchanging information, including publications, periodicals, studies, statistics, and other areas of co-operation relevant to the scientific, administrative, technical and research field.
Dr al-Derham stressed the importance of co-operation between the two institutions in areas of common interest, indicating that the university has a network of relationships with a broad range of institutions and universities from around the world.
He underscored the importance of exchanging experiences through students and teaching cadres exchange programme, saying that Qatar University welcomes those interested in learning Arabic language in the Centre for Speakers of Other Languages, which is considered one of the best centres for Arabic education.
Dr Zainal said that Sultan Sharif university aspires to co-operate with Qatar University in various fields, particularly in Arabic language learning field and students exchange in research studies and other fields of common interest.
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