Qatar University (QU) has announced the launch of its latest college, the College of Nursing, which starting from Fall 2022 will offer a four-year programme leading to a bachelor of nursing.
The college aspires to be a model for education, research, and service excellence and to deliver innovative academic nursing programmes that meet international standards and national healthcare needs.
The college aims to prepare world-class nursing graduates who are committed to delivering optimal healthcare that is aligned with national health strategy, research and evidence-based practice.
Prof Asma al-Thani, vice president of the university for health and medical sciences, stressed the importance of this milestone.
"The College of Nursing is the fifth college within QU Health, along with the Colleges of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry. We are committed to providing health care in line with the national health strategy in Qatar, including providing qualified nurses,” she said.
“The proposed nursing programme is in line with the objectives of Qatar University’s strategy, by providing an excellent academic education focused on meeting national needs, which will allow Qatari and non-Qatari students in the country to study nursing in accordance with the best international standards. New high school students will be accepted in Qatar in the fall of 2022, as we seek to attract the largest percentage of Qatari students in line with the state’s vision to build national capacities.”
The College of Nursing will accept 60 to 80 students in its first year, as the logistics plan has been completed. The college will open and include the first batch in the fall semester 2022, as the sector seeks to attract the largest percentage of Qatari students in line with the state’s vision to build national capacities. The college admission criteria include meeting a minimum CGPA of 70% and passing the university's minimum standardised test requirements for both English and Mathematics.
The college will presently offer a ‘Bachelor's Degree in Nursing - Regular Track Programme.’ The study will extend for four years, starting with a preparatory year (a common year) with colleges in the health and medical sciences sector, followed by three years in the nursing programme interspersed with clinical practical training, in cooperation with Hamad Medical Corporation and other health care institutions such as the Primary Health Care Corporation and Sidra Medicine Centre.
The study plan was designed according to the requirements of the American accreditation agency – ACEN. Students will start the common year with other healthcare students. The second year will involve theory classes and clinical lab courses. The third and fourth year will focus on developing the student’s clinical skills, which include both theory and practice courses. Plans include post-diploma programme and higher education starting from master’s degree to PhD.
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