Vodafone Qatar launched ‘Assets Tracking’ solution, enabling businesses to maximise the efficiency of their operations by utilising cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
The new end-to-end IoT Asset Tracking solution facilitates the delivery of real-time information such as asset location and environment conditions and can track multiple assets simultaneously as well as deliver alerts and reports.
It is suitable for a range of different businesses such as those in the construction or transport industries, those which use heavy machinery or deal in logistics, manage the distribution or delivery of high value goods and movable equipment, as just some examples.
Vodafone’s IoT Asset Tracking solution comes in two packages, in order to satisfy both large and small enterprises and cater to their respective needs. All users can manage their assets through a self-service IoT web portal and mobile application when monitoring remotely whilst in the field, and both solutions allow for tracking, dashboard access, reports and alerts notifications.
Mahday Saad al-Hebabi, Vodafone Qatar Business Services director said, “We have seen first-hand the drastic need to bring to market IoT technologies and enable digital transformation through innovative IoT solutions. Launching IoT Asset Tracking from Vodafone is allowing the market the access to a diverse range of IoT solutions that can cater for different business needs.
“At Vodafone, we pride ourselves on our deep sector expertise and industry-leading technologies that allow us to design and deliver IoT services and solutions which are tailored to customers in diverse industries and of different sizes.
“Businesses should not spend precious time figuring out which technologies are best suited to them. They need IoT solutions that are easy to deploy, accessible and affordable, so that they can shift their focus and efforts towards achieving their business goals.”
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