A mental health campaign organised by youth forum Focus International Qatar Region, concluded at a grand event featuring leading educationist and speaker Rashid Ghazali as chief guest.
"Only those who can find happiness in small things can lead a happy life. We should not worry about the sadness of not getting it (ALL THAT WE DESIRE BUT) and rejoice in the blessings we have received. Everyone should have the attitude of sharing in the joys of others and appreciating their achievements," he said.
The closing ceremony was inaugurated by Focus International CEO Shamir Valiyaveettil. The event was attended by many eminent personalities from the socio-cultural field in Qatar.
Zameel Abdul Wahid, Dr Nishan Purayil, Abdul Latheef Nallalam, K T Faisal Salafi, Zakariya Maniyoor, A P Khaleel, Ashhad Faizy, V C Mashhood, Abdurauf Kondotty, Iqbal Naseem Al Rabee, R J Vinu, Sheela Tomy, Shihab al-Gawazi, Focus Ladies executive director Fadila Muneer and Dr Farija Hussain were present.
Focus International Qatar Region CEO Haris P T presided. COO Ameer Shaji, CFO Safeerussalam, social welfare manager Dr Raseel Moideen, event manager Moideen Sha, Ameenurahman A S, Faiz Elayodan, Rashik Baker, Naser T P and Hamadbinsiddique co-ordinated the event.
Focus International theme song was presented by Shahid Kayanna. Prize-winning videos from a short film competition were screened. In addition, the winners of various competitions were awarded prizes.
Anees Haneef Mahe, Fahzir Rahman, Anees Abdul Aziz, Dilba Midlaj, Sijila Safir and Fadlur Rahman Madani led the programme.
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