Mufti of Al Quds and Palestinian territories: Qatar supports palestinian cause at all levels
May 25 2022 10:52 PM
Mufti of Al Quds and Palestinian territories
The Mufti of Al Quds and the Palestinian Territories, Sheikh Mohamed Ahmad Mohamed Hussein

The Mufti of Al Quds and the Palestinian Territories, Sheikh Mohamed Ahmad Mohamed Hussein, has praised Qatar's role in supporting the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, according to the directives of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the sidelines of the 14th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue, the mufti said that Qatar is one of the Arab countries that support the Palestinian cause by providing aid to the Palestinian people at all levels through Qatar Permanent Committee for the Support of Al Quds, and it is a tangible and commendable support.
He praised the qualitative support provided by Qatar to the Palestinian people, on important levels, especially education, health and other vital sectors.
He also praised Qatar's efforts in achieving effective dialogue between followers of religions and activating the interfaith aspects of common morals and ethics and other aspects agreed upon by all religions and civilisations.

He praised what Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue is doing, which seeks, through its substantive efforts, to create understanding and common ground among people of different faiths, through sponsoring and organising such conferences.
He stressed that the outcomes of dialogue have repercussions on societies in general, but there are noticeable practices on the ground, far from the spirit of dialogue and the spirit of religions and far from the spirit of human encounter, pointing to what peoples suffer from persecution and killing on the basis of religion, gender and color, calling for concerted efforts to overcome the existing rift between the followers of religions and expand those efforts to include other areas besides interfaith dialogue.
With regard to hate speech and its role in keeping people away from the essence of religion, which is the theme of the conference, His Eminence stressed the need to discuss the causes and motives of hatred and how to address them, stressing the importance of concerted political, economic, international and legal efforts so that the world can reach the required level of dialogue that benefits all of humanity regardless of religion, color and gender.
He touched upon the role required of religious leaders towards the Palestinian cause, indicating in this aspect that the Palestinian cause is a religious issue in its essence because Jerusalem is linked to the faith of every Muslim in the world.
He stressed that the Palestinian land in general represents the civilisation of Arabs and Muslims and is an integral part of the world's civilisation, and therefore the Palestinian cause is in a large part a religious aspect in addition to being the cause of the Arabs due to its Arab roots and is the focus of the Arab-Islamic-Christian meeting.
Therefore, religious leaders are required to focus their thoughts and efforts in serving this cause, which carries this great religious dimension for Muslims and Christians.
In a related context, he denounced Western support for Israel, indicating that this support comes at all levels and without borders, in a blatant violation of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, which is embodied in Western positions, whether in the UN General Assembly or the Security Council and in the implementation of resolutions issued by this international foundation.
He demonstrated this support by the Wests support for Ukraine in the recent war, while completely forgetting the Palestinian cause, which is more than 74 years old, asking, "Where is the West in this issue as people are subjected to daily aggression on their land, their sanctities and institutions" And where are the allegations of spreading democracy and human rights Or is there a distinction between one person and another!"
With regard to the position of Eastern Christians regarding this support, he said when the West deals with the Palestinian issue, it does not look at the Christian component or the Islamic side.
The Palestinian cause enjoys a biased Western stance against the Palestinians, and the entire international community should stand conscientiously with the Palestinian right, stressing that solving the Palestinian issue will undoubtedly help the world achieve global stability and security.
He aspired that interfaith dialogue conferences would contribute to confronting hate speech, through sound education and good upbringing that is based on enhancing mutual acceptance through the establishment of a generation built to love the other and strengthening these values in the school curricula which contributes to serving humanitarian issues, including the Palestinian cause.

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