The Milipol Qatar 2022 on Wednesday hosted seminars on various aspects of large events security management.
Walid Chahine, general manager, Technical Affairs and Telecommunications Unit (SSOC) presented his paper on “Anti-Drone Project”. He spoke on combating the risks resulting from the indiscriminate use of drones, whether in a crime or otherwise. The paper reviewed the efforts of the SSOC through the anti-drone project. It introduced the systems used in the project and their accuracy in what is related to the detection of commercial drones and other aircraft and its advantages in surveillance and video analysis systems.

Reinard van Loo, senior adviser, public safety solutions consultant, Frequentis company, spoke on the topic "Supporting large scale events: Lessons learned from a control room supplier point of view". He explained the important lessons learned from covering the large-scale events throughout the past years which emphasised that supporting large events was exhilarating and required multi-agency collaboration. He underscored the difference between incident management and event management, and that event support must be flexible in accepting solutions as requirements change up and down and must be open as new technologies are coming, multiple systems from multiple vendors in use.

David Bowers, training security expert at SSOC spoke on “Mega Events Knowledge Loss due to Talent Retention”. The paper discussed the role of actions to enhance the flow of knowledge and develop the skills of employees of the sectors involved in securing events, and the continuation of training programmes that contribute to building a collective knowledge-sharing base, in addition to dealing and co-operation with partners, which makes the knowledge circle available to all.
David Shomar, vice-president, Civil Security Middle East and North Africa Operations, Saab company, spoke on the topic "A Holistic Approach to Large Event Security".
Zhengping Chen, Qixu Yang, Xiaoyi Zeng, general manager, technical affairs and telecommunications unit at SSOC spoke on the "Facial recognition Project".
Jukka Ritari, Vaisala Company, presented a paper on "Building weather resilience with comprehensive meteorology programmes – Public safety dependence on meteorology". The presentation highlighted improving forecasting and early warning services and their role in protecting against natural disasters and securing property. It also reviewed several systems that contribute to maintaining air quality and measuring wind speed, in addition to its role in energy and safety measures.
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