The Embassy of Japan in Qatar, together with Qatar Foundation, organised a Japanese cultural event at Education City – Multaqa building, on May 19.
The event brought to light many aspects of Japan’s rich culture and traditions through a host of activities such as the origami art of paper folding, the traditional toys known as kendama, the kimono tryouts, in addition to the calligraphy name writing activity which was a hit among the visitors.

The event hosted activities such as the origami art of paper folding

The event came as yet another productive collaboration between the Embassy of Japan and the Qatari institutions aimed at bringing the two cultures closer, as well as enhancing mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the peoples of the two countries.
During the event, samples of Japanese food and traditional ceremonial dolls were exhibited with an explanation for visitors on the significance of each element in the Japanese culture.
Furthermore, visitors were also captivated by a Karate demonstration by members of the “Al-Sayeh Karate Centre” and many of them lined up to take pictures with their favourite anime characters that was part of the cosplay by “Q-Cosplay”. The event sparked interest in Japan among the visitors, many of whom expressed their wish to visit Japan in the near future.
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