German experts described the development that Qatar has witnessed as a story of success that was written over many years of hard work, stressing that Qatar has become an important player in the region and the world. Experts affirmed that the visit of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to Germany will mark a new beginning to relations between the two countries, especially in light of the congruence of views between the two countries in all regional and global files, emphasising the great success of Qatari diplomacy in the recent period.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Editor-in-Chief of the German newspaper 'Handelsblatt' Mathias Bruggmann said that Qatar has become one of Germany's important players in light of the constant development in relations between the two countries, highlighting talks of working on a permanent agreement on energy co-operation, the details of which may be revealed during the visit of the Amir to Berlin.
Qatari diplomacy has proven its ability to succeed in a number of files, whether in mediating between Palestinian factions or in bringing peace to the Darfur region of western Sudan, in addition to its recent mediation in Afghanistan between the West and the Taliban to withdraw from Afghanistan, Bruggmann added. Handelsblatt commended Qatar's position on the Afghan issue, saying that Qatar did not limit its political role in Afghanistan to mediating between the Taliban and the West, but has also played a major role in evacuating foreign nationals from Afghanistan, as well as providing assistance to the vulnerable groups in the Afghan society to prevent the situation from exacerbating, commending the country's significant praiseworthy role.

He pointed out that all German authorities welcome Qatar's efforts in this field, including hosting the German ambassador to Afghanistan Markus Putzel, explaining that the visit of the Amir to Germany, and the visit of Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany Dr Robert Habeck to Qatar in March, point to positive developments in relations between the two countries, especially in the field of gas, in light of Germany's construction of three gas storage stations during the coming period.
Regarding the idea of the book that he will be publishing soon about Qatar, Bruggmann said that the book tells the story of success of Qatar during 20 years, and how it has developed greatly to play this major diplomatic, economic and sporting role in the world, pointing out that the book delves into the reasons that led to this development so that German citizens can learn about Qatar's efforts in various fields.
Despite being a small country, Qatar was able to achieve great success in all fields, Handelsblatt added, pointing out that the country began implementing its Qatar National Vision 2030 for development and modernisation a long time ago — paying attention to all the future requirements before all countries in the region and succeeding in turning them into reality.
Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, Bruggmann expected the prolongation of that war and its disastrous effects on Europe and the world at large.
Russian President Vladimir Putin started the war suddenly, not expecting the reaction of the Ukrainians and their steadfastness, as his goal was to form a loyal Ukrainian government within a few days and end the war, but the Ukrainian steadfastness made the task very difficult, Bruggmann explained, pointing out Putin's difficulty to withdraw from the war now and show his defeat, which foreshadows the prolongation of that war and its growing impact on the world in the coming period.
For her part, Chairperson of the German Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV) Helene Rang stressed, in an interview with QNA, the solidity of the Qatari-German relations, especially in the recent period, and the convergence of views on many files. Rang highlighted the solidity between the two countries, adding that the visit of Dr Habeck to Qatar proved the co-operation between the two countries. She referred to Habeck's statements after his return from Doha, which expressed positive impressions that the relations between the two countries are moving in the right direction, adding that the Amir's visit will lead to more momentum for the relations between the two countries.
Chairperson of NUMOV criticised some negative media coverage that does not reflect the course of relations between the two countries or the efforts of Qatar in the field of global peace, stressing that the media relies on things that are in complete contrast to reality. She expressed appreciation for Qatar's role in the Afghan issue, from sponsoring the negotiation process between the United States and the Taliban, to the evacuation of all foreign nationals from Afghanistan, as well as providing assistance to the Afghan people to improve their situation in these difficult circumstances.
The world will not forget Qatar's pioneering role in this issue, which is a message of Qatar's endeavours to ensure the safety of all parties, Rang said, pointing out Qatar Airways role during the Covid-19 crisis and the evacuation of German citizens from a large number of countries in the world, commending the efforts made by the national carrier of Qatar. On the energy file between the two countries, Rang said that about 20 years ago, HE the Chairperson of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and former Minister of Energy and Industry Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah advised the Germans to build oil and gas storage stations, to which they ignored the advice.
After many years, they have come to realise how late they are in the step of implementing the storage stations, she added, pointing out that this position proves the two countries long-lasting keenness on each other's interests. Rang noted that she has visited Qatar several times, where she witnessed the remarkable development in the country, learned all the facts and has always been treated with respect and class in Doha.
She expressed her great joy when Qatar was declared the winner to host the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 about 12 years ago, noting that the tremendous development in Qatar proved that the country has not disappointed her, and that she is looking forward to the hosting of an unprecedented historic World Cup in Qatar. Chairperson of NUMOV concluded her interview by saying that the World Cup in Qatar will achieve great dynamics between the East and the West, support dialogue between the two parties, and serve as a bridge for convergence between world cultures.
In his interview with QNA, Political Analyst Daniel Bohmer stressed that the visit of the Amir to Germany is a new start for the relations between the two countries in light of the openness to develop them in several areas, especially that the German-Qatari relations have been very good for a long time, commending the timing of the Amir's visit and the circumstances surrounding it, which enhanced its impetus.
Bohmer explained that the war in Ukraine created an energy crisis in Europe and in Germany in particular, emphasising Qatar's future role as a partner with Germany in the field of energy, after the Qatari and German sides created bridges of co-operation through many past positions that demonstrate the strength of relations between the two sides. The German society is aware that Qatar will be Germany's most important partner in the future, he said, stressing Qatar's remarkable role in the region, which no other Middle East country can play the role of.
He emphasised Europe's great confidence in Qatar and its role in the region and the world, pointing out Qatar's significance in the global arena, as well as its great capacity and good relations with many countries of the world.
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