A member of the German Bundestag (Parliament) Jurgen Hardt said that all the peoples of the world have realised that Qatar is a reliable partner in all security and foreign issues, following the crucial role played by the State in the recent Afghan crisis, whether leading the negotiation process, evacuating foreign nationals, or providing aid to the Afghan people.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Hardt said they were in a critical situation in the summer of last year when we decided to leave Afghanistan with their military and civilians, and that Qatar's role as a negotiator and facilitator in that situation was of great help to them, and he believes that the peoples of the world saw that Qatar is a trustful partner in foreign security issues, and that trust between the two sides can be built.
The German parliamentarian in the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) appreciated the visit of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to Berlin, saying that the relations between the two countries are constantly increasing, and the agenda will be full of many issues with the impression that future dialogue with Qatar can be viewed positively.
Hardt expressed that the Amir will see that the Germans are open to see him and talk to him, and he also believes the Amir is also open to meetings and issues that he will discuss during his visit to Germany. He referred to the visit of Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany Dr Robert Habeck, and the constructive discussions he had in Doha, especially in the field of energy, pointing out that the file of importing natural gas from Qatar will be one of the important files during the Amir's visit to Berlin.
The member of the German Bundestag added that the visit's agenda will not be limited to the economic aspect only, but will also discuss political and security co-operation, adding that they will see great importance in doing more things together with their partners, especially with Qatar. He pointed out that natural gas constitutes a major pillar in his country's fuel strategy in the future, but his country — according to his opinion — made a big mistake in relying heavily on Russia to obtain 50% of its needs, stressing that this policy must be changed urgently because the Russian gas issue was used as a tool against his country in the recent period.
The German parliamentarian described the decisions taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin as "irrational" and did not take into account of what is good for Russia and its people, and therefore there is a risk from him to cut gas from Germany at any time, saying that he must take into account the danger that it is possible to cut off gas from Germany, indicating that Putin asked them to pay in rubles while having a contract with Russia that the payment is in euros and dollars and Germany is committed to what was stated in the contract, and have exempted Gazprom from bank sanctions so that they can pay for Russian gas and this is going 100% according to the contract, so there is no reason for Russia to cut off supplies but he did this with Bulgaria and Poland, and if he does this with Germany, they will speed up the dispense of Russian gas.
The German parliamentarian stressed that Ukraine needs a new "Marshall Plan" for the reconstruction of the country after the end of the war which is led by Russia against Ukrainian people. The Marshall Plan is an economic program developed by the United States to encourage European countries to work together for economic recovery after World War II.
It was called the Marshall Plan because it was first proposed by US Secretary of State George Marshall. The German parliamentarian called on all countries of the world to take positions that lead to peace and live in an open world, as well as take the necessary steps to confront climate change in the world so that the new generation in the world can obtain opportunities to create a better world, assuring that the young people in Qatar share the same priority on the agenda with Germany, North America, or Asia, which is climate change, as well as peace and prosperity, which are a significant and a precondition to have peace. If there is no prosperity, it is more difficult to build peace among people, he said.
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