Ministry highlights need for hosting art exhibitions
May 19 2022 10:38 PM
Ministry of Education and Higher Education
Ministry of Education and Higher Education


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education stressed the importance of awareness of the need for artistic exhibitions educationally and culturally, because of the various aspects of art that are presented in them, which are the basis for the growth and exchange of different artistic experiences, and the affirmation of national educational values and identity.
The ministry noted that from this point of view, the Arts and Theater Department of the Department of Educational Guidance, in the Educational Affairs Sector, was keen to urge public schools to hold the final art exhibition and theatrical performance (for schools active in theatrical education) at the end of each academic year, to shed light on student artistic outputs and to discover and develop the talents and abilities of students, and to enrich their emotional, cultural and artistic taste.
The head of the Arts and Theater Department Souad al-Salem, said that the school exhibitions for 2021-22 are a great visual artistic demonstration, which heralds the return of life to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic. She noted that it was noticed that the artistic performances at all stages opened new artistic paths for students, teachers and those interested, and at the same time emphasised the continuity of innovation and renewal, in terms of dealing with materials, tools and topics, which indicates the continuity of the glow of creative thought of the artist teacher and students in their experiences and challenges.
She added that these events revealed deeper aspirations towards what schools can offer at all levels of education in the coming years, from the concept that the door of art is open to the conscience, thought and imagination of students, art and theater teachers.

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