'Qatari-Spanish relations can benefit the region and world'
May 17 2022 11:28 PM
From left:  Manuel Alabart , Hana Jalloul, Javobo Murillo
From left: Manuel Alabart , Hana Jalloul, Javobo Murillo


The Qatari-Spanish relations have progressed in recent years through mutual visits. His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani's visit to Madrid constitutes a milestone in the path of the partnership between Qatar and Spain. The results of this important visit are expected to give a strong push to strengthen relations between the two friendly countries in all fields.
Secretary of International Policy and Development Co-operation in the Executive Committee of the ruling Socialist Workers' Party in Spain Hana Jalloul believes that Qatari-Spanish relations have developed significantly in the recent past, not only in the economic field but in all areas. In statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA) in Madrid, Jalloul said that the timing of the Amir's visit to Madrid is very appropriate in light of the developing relations between the two countries and the currently intertwined issues in the world that need to be discussed between leaders to reach solutions.
At the same time, she expressed her hope for developing relations between the ruling party in Spain and the Qatari state. Jalloul explained that she, as a woman of Arab descent, is proud of the development she sees in Qatar. She expressed her happiness when she sees Qatar's role in the world, in conflict resolution and multilateral mediation on various issues. The Secretary of International Policy and Development Cooperation in the Executive Committee of the ruling Socialist Workers' Party in Spain praised the recent Shura Council elections in Qatar and the popular participation that resulted in the election of the first legislative council by direct vote in the country.
Jalloul also praised the recent steps taken by Qatar in the field of protecting foreign workers and the legislation that was approved regarding the minimum wage and the law on the exit and entry of foreign workers. For his part, Spanish political analyst Javobo Murillo said that the Qatari-Spanish relations are very distinguished. The Amir's visit is a great opportunity for the two countries, as they are moving in the same direction towards development in all fields and possess potentials in their exchanges that will constitute unparalleled relations.
Murillo stressed the importance of the Amir's visit, pointing out that integration is the most prominent topic in this visit, adding that Qatar and Spain have the same economic and political capabilities to not only do a lot for their people but for the people of the region and the world.
He explained that Qatar, due to its location, importance, and role in the Middle East and Spain, being one of the important countries in the Mediterranean basin, can play an important role in resolving issues related to those regions.
He pointed out that the talks between the two parties during the visit will certainly address the energy file, especially considering the developments that took place after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine last February, given that Spain has great potential in the energy field. The analyst considered that Madrid could be a bridge to deliver liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe if the two countries decided to cooperate with a number of countries in the region.
He highlighted that Qatar is one of the countries that keep pace with the 21st century in the Middle East and has great potential that enables it to reach all its goals. He added that Qatar and Spain have an opportunity to invest in renewable energy. Qatar has bright, sunny weather most of the year, while Spain owns another key element in renewable energy, which is wind. Both countries are working to exploit these two elements to enable a large percentage of the energy consumed in the two countries to be obtained through renewable energy. He stressed that the role of Qatar in resolving global crises is known worldwide. The best evidence of Qatar's conflict resolution happened in the Afghan issue recently.
Qatar sponsored the talks between the US, the West, and Taliban and was able to achieve an agreement in this regard, in addition to evacuating foreign nationals in co-operation with Spain, stressing that this issue confirms that any country in the world that possesses the determination can do a lot in the field of world peace, he said. For his part, President of the International Policy Institute in Spain Manuel Alabart said that what the Spanish-Qatari relations are currently going through indicates the extent of understanding between the leadership of the two countries in various fields, pointing out that Spain has long sought to establish great economic and political relations with Qatar, and the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries is the best proof of this.
Alabart added that Spain is one of the first European countries that thought about diversifying sources of energy access and signed an agreement with Qatar to supply Spain with liquefied gas. Currently, what is happening in a number of European countries shows Spain's position as a forerunner in this regard. The President of the International Institute for Politics in Spain added that Qatar, thanks to its geographical location and the wisdom of its leaders, leads many mediation efforts in the world to achieve peace and security as a mediator for international conflicts between East and West, pointing out that Qatar's global image has become of great strength in many fields.
He explained that when he visited Qatar recently, he noticed the amazing development in all fields, as Qatar has become an economic, political, and cultural power at the same time. During the visit, he was briefed on many cultural facilities in the country that emphasize the cultural and social heritage of the country, such as the Qatar National Museum, the Islamic Museum, and other institutions. (QNA)

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