Slow driving in the fast lane is a traffic violation that attracts a fine of QR500, a senior General Directorate of Traffic official said.
Lt-Col Jaber Mohamed Odaiba, assistant director of the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, told Qatar TV that driving a car at a speed lower than the prescribed speed on highways is a traffic violation.
The left-most lane is considered the fast track and motorists using it are not supposed to drive below a certain speed.
“If the vehicle is driven slowly in this lane without giving way to other vehicles, it’s a violation of Article 53 of the Traffic Law,” he said, noting that the fine for the violation starts from QR500 and goes up depending on the type of violation committed and the speeds specified on a particular road.
“Each street has its own specifications and nature. The law doesn’t favour slow speeds or fast speeds. It asks people to adhere to the prescribed speed on each road,” he added.
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