Ministry of Education to promote positive behavior among school students
May 10 2022 04:56 PM
Ministry of Education and Higher Education


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education affirmed that promoting positive behavior among students in schools is on its list of interests by providing psychological, educational, and behavioral counseling and guidance to them, especially students with special needs and their parents.

The Ministry noted that within the framework of unifying efforts to provide the best psychological services for students with special needs, the Student Guidance Department in the Schools Affairs Department, in cooperation with the Rou'a Assessment Advice and Support Center under the Department of Special Education and Gifted Students, will hold the first forum for new psychologists in public schools, on Wednesday and Thursday to support students with special needs, with various educational guidance services.

The ministry explained that the forum targets one hundred new psychologists who were appointed in schools before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, and aims to support, promote and ensure the provision of psychological counseling to students with special needs, their parents, and those concerned with them.

The program of the forum will include a number of topics, including the professional relationship between the psychologist and the guardian for the success of the individual plan and practical practices in psychological counseling with students with special needs and their parents and stakeholders such as the teacher and class students with special needs, administrative supervisor, social worker, school administration and education teacher. Additionally, holding a panel discussion on psychological counseling provided to this group of students.

The forum comes in the need of students with special needs for psychological guidance, especially in the current era, as it is an urgent necessity for every individual in light of the tremendous and rapid development in all areas of life. Now, psychological counseling is practiced according to scientific foundations and theories with extensive methods, fields, and techniques and practiced by professional specialists dedicated scientifically and technically.

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