The Center for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) of the Ministry of Municipality has completed the mission of aerial photography for all parts of Qatar and Halul Island to produce the 20cm-accuracy-rated aerial photographs and then update the digital linear maps of the country, as part of the implementation stages of the country's aerial surveys project.
The aerial photography, which lasted more than 20 days, contributes to providing all state institutions with aerial photographs and updated digital maps for use within the activities and projects of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament and in all other projects of the State in various fields, including planning, education, health, and Ministry of Interior services, as well as supporting decision-making and infrastructure development in the country.
In the work of aerial surveys and remote sensing, the CGIS used manned aircraft to achieve integration with other data sources that the center currently uses, such as satellite images, mobile field surveys, and drones.
This work is considered the beginning of the operation of the aerial survey system for Qatar, which was received by the Ministry of Municipality represented by the CGIS as the national entity responsible for all the work of updating the digital maps, and responsible for managing the country's aerial survey system. The CGIS provides basic geographic maps, digital topographic databases, and establishes and maintains geodetic networks and related services.
As part of the plan to develop national standards and specifications related to geographic information systems at the state level, carrying out aerial surveys and remote sensing using piloted aircraft comes in integration with other data sources currently used to process and extract rectified aerial images, tilted aerial images, linear data, 3D model data and altitude model, digital (DEM), remote sensing, LIDAR data, bathymetric survey data for bathymetry, marine survey and hyperspectral imaging.
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