The Qatar University (QU) Health Interprofessional Education Committee (IPEC), which consists of representatives of all healthcare schools in Qatar, recently held its fourth IPE for the academic year 2021/2022 on 'Being Effective Team Player' virtually by Microsoft teams.
As many as 223 students, including those from different healthcare programmes at QU, and 18 facilitators attended the event. The professions involved in the activity were Dental Medicine, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Public health, Human Nutrition.
The objective is to introduce the importance of team communication and decision making within the healthcare environment and emphasise that all healthcare professions are equally important. The activity started with an introduction by the lead facilitator, Dr Aala Dauod, assistant dean for Student Affairs at the College of Dental Medicine, followed by a video about a true story of a patient in an operating room and how significantly lack of proper communication lead to faulty decisions.
Subsequently, students within their interprofessional groups had a case-based discussion about faulty communication within the team. Students were asked to draw a flow chart to understand the flow of information among healthcare professionals and the points of communication breakdown. The session concluded with suggestions from students to ensure clear and accurate communication among healthcare team members at all times.
Second year Dental Medicine student Ghada al-Muhannadi commented: “The IPE activity augmented self-insight, knowledge plus interpersonal communication skills, shared decision making, mutual self-respect and team building. These positive aspects indeed improved my confidence in interacting with other health profession students.”
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