Qatar University Young Scientists Centre (QU-YSC) concluded an educational and sports journey that lasted several months, in which groups of distinguished students joined the eighth cycle of the Science in Sports programme.
An award ceremony was held at Qatar University recently in the presence of all participating students, athletes from Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC), invited guests and researchers from QU.
Twenty-two male and female students from the 10th and 11th grades participated in a scientific workshop in which they carried out a variety of activities related to sports sciences.
The Science in Sports programme is concerned with providing students with a different educational experience, where scientific topics in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are studied in a sport framework, which stimulates the acquisition of knowledge and its practical application.
The programme aims to consolidate new scientific foundations in the minds of secondary school students and introduce them to scientific fields such as sports engineering and sports materials science and their impact on playing methods and players' efficiency.
One of the reasons for the success of this cycle of the programme was the constructive co-operation with QOC, represented through the participation of athletes as leaders for the participating groups, ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++as their role was great in the challenge of creating a sports game and designing playing equipment.
The players contributed to providing the students with their experience and their sport perspective.
During the honouring ceremony, the centre highlighted the students' achievements represented through new sports innovations based on accurate scientific foundations that were developed under the supervision of the YSC researchers.
Some of the new sports presented included the revival of popular games that were practised in Qatar in the past, and the development of tools used in them, such as Al-Karim and Al-Dahrouj. These were in addition to games that combine physical strength, thinking skills and concentration, and others that rely on teamwork and co-operation to win.
In designing various sports equipment, the students focused on using materials that do not harm the environment, relying on the principle of reusing materials to reduce waste, and applying the concept of sustainability.
All participating sports projects were evaluated in a final competition that was held remotely. During the evaluation day, the groups presented their sports projects before a panel of judges with scientific and sports backgrounds, and showed films documenting the journey of their participation in the programme, which was published on YouTube. The judges asked many questions to the students, who showed great knowledge of all aspects of sports and the scientific foundations on which it was built.
Al the end of the ceremony, Al Rayyan Stadium Group was awarded the first place while Khalifa Stadium group finished second, both from Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School for Boys. The third place was won by students of Al Janoub Stadium group from Rabaa Al-Adawiya Secondary School for Girls.
Lusail Stadium group from Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School for Boys and Education City Stadium group from Zubaida Secondary School for Girls were honoured as the most committed groups.
At the end of the ceremony, Prof Noora al-Thani, director of QU’s Young Scientists Centre, addressed the honoured students, praising their achievements, creativity and perseverance throughout the programme. In her speech, she said: "We congratulate all the winning students for their achievements that resulted from research, perseverance, investigation and innovative. What distinguishes the centre's programmes is the integration of students into reality and activities that attract them, such as sports, and we always strive to create partnerships with parties that contribute to achieving the centre’s visions and providing the best for its affiliates.”
Prof Prof Noora thanked QOC and the participating athletes, namely athletics champion Bashair al-Manwari, taekwondo champion Othman Boularas and karate champion Abdullah Dalloul, for their support of the students and being a major factor in the success of the eighth cycle.
She also thanked the centre's partners, namely Unesco Doha Office and the Qatar National Committee for Education, Culture and Science.