* Leader says Doha visit will contribute in opening new horizons to enhance co-operation

Kosovan President Vjosa Osmani has expressed her gratitude and that of the people of her country for the support provided by Qatar to her country since its independence in 2011 until now, describing the bilateral relations between the two countries as very special, which is witnessing continuous development thanks to the political will of the leadership of the two countries.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) on her visit to Qatar, the president said Kosovo is very keen to advance its bilateral relations with Qatar, especially in light of the many areas of co-operation in which the two countries can enhance their participation, noting that her country's relations with Qatar began in 2011 when Qatar recognised the independence of Kosovo and later diplomatic relations were established, with the Kosovan embassy in Doha doing its best to ensure the progress of new projects between the two countries.
She stressed that the two countries can enhance their economic co-operation and in other fields such as education, pointing out that these issues will be raised with Qatari officials during the visit.
President Osmani praised Qatar's support for her country after the 1999 war, from which Kosovo emerged in ruins, and most of its people were without homes, but said Qatar helped in the rebuilding, adding that the two countries are working on several projects, and they can do more to reach the maximum level of co-operation, and said that therefore this visit to Doha will undoubtedly contribute to opening new horizons for enhancing co-operation.
Also, she stressed her country's welcome to foreign investment, which is increasing daily due to the appropriate conditions, adding that Kosovo provides many attractions for foreign investors, as well as free trade agreements with the European Union, Turkey, and many other countries around the world.
President Osmani said that her country, which has suffered from the scourge of war, greatly appreciates the role that Qatar plays in addressing regional and international crises by promoting dialogue, peace and security.
She expressed her pride in Qatar's hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as the first country in the Middle East to host such a major international event, indicating that Qatar, besides being a centre for diplomacy and dialogue, is also a centre for sports, which enhances confidence that the next World Cup will be successful by all standards.
Speaking about the future of Kosovo, President Osmani said that her country has been recognised by more than 100 countries so far, and said Kosovo has succeeded in becoming a member of several international organisations, and thus, this could be an incentive for other countries that have not yet recognised its independence to do so.
She added that Kosovo still needs to do more to address the challenges it faces, through the support it received from several countries such as Qatar, which always stands by Kosovo.
Regarding Kosovo's accession efforts to the UN Security Council and the European Union, President Osmani made it clear that this matter does not depend only on her country but on the willingness of all permanent members of the UN Security Council.
She explained that it is difficult to set a date for that, but Kosovo would never give up on this goal, stressing that Kosovo deserves to be a UN member.
Concerning the European Union, she said that Kosovo took concrete steps and would move forward with this approach to apply for the European Union membership by the end of 2022, adding that Kosovo has to meet a lot of standards and commitments in this area, it's certainly ready to move forward.
About Kosovo's accession to the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), she said some OIC countries have not yet recognised the independence of Kosovo, calling in this context for those countries to do so.
She said that by doing so, they would acknowledge the plight that the people faced in Kosovo for decades, to become free and independent, adding that Kosovans paid a very high price for their freedom and independence.
President Osmani said that her country today needs more support from friendly countries to achieve further economic development and to create more job opportunities, especially for young people, adding that Kosovo wants to attract more investment and to establish good relations with many countries that are not hostile to Kosovo.
Speaking about the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Kosovan president affirmed her rejection of the principle of war, especially that her country has suffered from its scourge for 20 years, and therefore the best way to settle disputes, from her point of view, is dialogue. (QNA)
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