As the world’s steadily growing refugee population is further increased by the crisis in Ukraine, Doha Debates and its production partner FP Studios are teaming up with UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, for the third season of the Course Correction podcast to examine the plight of refugees across the globe.
UNHCR estimates that out of 84mn forcibly displaced people around the world, nearly 27mn are refugees, having fled across international borders.
Season three of Course Correction will tell some of their stories.
“Conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Myanmar and beyond underscore the urgency of the world’s refugee crisis,” says Amjad Atallah, managing director of Qatar Foundation’s Doha Debates. “This podcast series features an extraordinary combination of enlightening interviews with refugees and the workers and advocates helping them. We are proud to share these important, compelling stories with the world through our partnerships with UNHCR and FP Studios.”
The six-episode series will take listeners on a journey from the moment these refugees leave their homes, to their eventual resettlement or return. Each episode will illuminate the challenges that refugees face, the work being done to assist them, and the ways in which the global community can provide further aid and advocacy.
Course Correction podcast host Nelufar Hedayat brings a unique perspective to the series, as she herself became a refugee when her family fled the conflict in Afghanistan in the late 1980s.
Hedayat interviews fellow refugees as well as those who provide refugee aid and advocacy — including global champions and UNHCR goodwill ambassadors Cate Blanchett and Mahira Khan.
“As the numbers of forcibly displaced people continue to rise, international solidarity for refugees is more important than ever,” says Babar Baloch, global spokesperson for UNHCR. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Doha Debates and Foreign Policy to amplify the experiences of refugees around the world, as well as shed light on how communities can benefit when refugees are welcomed.”
"Now more than ever, putting names and faces to the refugee crisis is critical to understanding the depth of this humanitarian crisis. FP Studios is honoured to assist Doha Debates and UNHCR on this podcast,” says Rob Sachs, managing director of FP Studios. “We hope by sharing these stories we can help build empathy with listeners and compel them to be active global citizens."
Course Correction and Doha Debates’ two other podcast series, The Negotiators and The Long Game, can be heard via all major podcast platforms.    
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