Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail) and Mall of Qatar (MoQ) signed a naming agreement to grant the naming rights of the Doha Metro’s Al Riffa station as a part of the marketing opportunities offered for the business sector in Qatar.
The signing ceremony was held at Al Rayyan Hotel - MoQ. Ajlan Eid al-Enazi, chief of strategy and business development at Qatar Rail and Emile Sarkis, general manager of MoQ signed the agreement in the presence of executives from the management team of both organisations and media representatives.
Following the signing ceremony, the attendees visited the Al Riffa MoQ Metro Station to announce the new name on the digital signage.
As per the 10-year agreement commencing this year, the new name will be displayed across all signs, directional boards, and screens at the metro stations, inside the train, and on the official metro maps.
“We are pleased to grant the naming rights of Al Riffa Station to MoQ, one of the most prominent shopping destinations in the State of Qatar. This agreement comes as part of Qatar Rail's strategy to establish and develop longstanding partnerships with the business sector,” al-Enazi said in a press statement.
“Al Riffa-Mall of Qatar station, located on the green line of the Doha Metro, is one of the important and prominent stations in the metro network, as it is directly connected to MoQ through a pedestrian bridge. The station is also one of the stations that connect to the 2022 World Cup stadiums where it provides direct access to Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium”.
Sarkis said: “Our partnership to rename the station will not only add to our brand equity but also make it easier for commuters in accessing the country’s leading retail and lifestyle destination, which is directly linked to the station through an air-conditioned bridge. We are keen to further strengthen our collaboration with Qatar Rail to enhance our visitors' experience”.
MoQ and Qatar Rail have shared a strong legacy of partnership following the opening of the Metro station Al Riffa. Building the air-conditioned bridge has been much appreciated by the public, who can access the mall comfortably without the trouble of passing at intersections or external roads, to be the only mall in Qatar that is directly connected to the metro station.
The opening of the Doha Metro Green Line in December 2019 was an important step in enhancing the attendance of visitors and shoppers to MoQ, as it carries passengers from various metro stations in Doha to the Mall. It also provided football fans with a comfortable means of transportation while attending the matches at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, which will be one of the stadiums hosting the 2022 World Cup Qatar.