Pay salaries on time, ensure welfare and safety of employees, MoI tells companies
March 16 2022 12:04 AM
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The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has urged companies to pay salaries on time, ensure workers’ welfare and safety, and continue upholding their important role in preventing crimes.
Addressing a webinar titled 'Crime Prevention is a Shared Responsibility' Tuesday, Captain Meshaal Mubarak al-Mansouri from the Technical Office in the North Security Department, said that the "failure of some companies resulted in their reluctance to pay their workers' salaries, that led the latter to strike, which is forbidden by our true religion and prohibited by legislative laws".
Companies must maintain security by protecting the lives of the employees with safety procedures, food and appropriate accommodation, and paying attention to the basic needs of employees at workplace and outside.
“Companies should educate employees about the country’s procedures and laws and install surveillance cameras in the workers’ accommodation to prevent theft and attacks,” Capt al-Mansouri said, urging company officials to inform the security authorities if any negative behaviour or suspicious activity is noted from the employees.
He asked companies to carry out periodic maintenance of the housing and provide for the requirements of the employees, and urged employees to wear clothes that are not against moral values in Qatar.
“Ensure the cleanliness of accommodation and do not overcrowd. Provide health insurance and pay attention to their health. Educate employees how to transfer funds electronically to their countries in order to reduce the fraud or theft of their money. (Sign a) contract with any bank to provide an ATM at their accommodation or nearby,” Capt al-Mansouri said.
The MoI official also urged companies to follow precautionary measures while withdrawing funds from banks.
“Electronic means, such as bank transfers or money exchanges, are preferred, and if it’s essential to withdraw cash itself, we recommend not leaving money in the vehicle while it is parked somewhere unattended,” he said.
“Those dealing with bank transactions should maintain high alertness. Make sure you are in the places covered by surveillance cameras while holding transactions,” Capt al-Mansouri added. “In case of withdrawing huge amounts from the bank, be vigilant of those around you.”
The MoI official shared tips on securing houses, companies and residential complexes, as well as personal belongings at company accommodations.
"A resident should be aware of the address of the place where he is located, to assist the emergency response team to quickly reach if needed,” he said. “Don’t keep large sums of money and jewellery outside the locker. Inform your neighbours, relatives or friends when you leave the house for a long period.”
“Only buy valuables one or two days before departure for vacation, and avoid storing valuables for a long period before the trip,” Capt al-Monsouri added. “Don’t disclose the details of the purchased items to the roommates.”
He also warned against illegal vendors, saying that the law obliges anyone wishing to do business to obtain a licence from the competent authority, even if such activities are carried out by selling goods on the ground.
The MoI official warned against drinking and smoking in public places, and said that whoever is found drunk on the public road may be punished with six months of imprisonment and a fine not exceeding QR3,000.
“Anyone who imports, exports, manufactures, brings, sells or promotes alcohol or any intoxicating drink shall be punished by imprisonment for three years, and a fine not exceeding QR10,000,” he warned. “Intentional destruction of others’ property is punished with imprisonment for a term of not more than three years, and a fine of not more than QR10,000.”

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