The Metrash2 app has recorded 26mn transactions since 2012, helping citizens and residents meet various requirements.
 This was revealed by Major Ali Ahmed al-Binali, assistant director of the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI), while addressing the ‘Police With You’ programme on Qatar Radio.
During 2021, the number of Metrash2 users reached more than 2mn while more than 5mn transactions were completed, he explained.
“The General Department of Information Systems, in co-operation with various departments at the MoI, continuously evaluates the services while improving their efficiency,” the official said.
There are periodic field visits to the MoI service centres in order to assess public feedback and to provide their needs electronically in order to reduce the number of visits, Major al-Binali added.
The MoI had on Sunday launched some new services on the Metrash2 app. With this, the total number of services provided through the application has reached 290, as part of the ministry’s efforts to enhance its electronic services for the public and simplify and digitalise its services.
The five new services are Employer Change – Family Relationship; Changing Personal Employer and Those on Similar Status (Farms, Fishing Boats); Visa Service for Newborn (for a mother inside the country on a Family Visit Visa); Exceptional Visa Extension Service for Businessmen Visa, Official Visa and Tourist Visa; and Commercial Establishment Registration Service.