The Pakistan Air Force showed off yesterday the latest addition to its fleet, next-generation Chinese J-10 C fighter jets.
It was not immediately clear how many aircraft Pakistan had bought or at what cost.
A live TV telecast of the fly-past showed five new aircraft.
Known as Vigorous Dragon, the J-10 C is a medium-weight, all-weather jet, according to Pakistani military analysts who say it will enhance combat capability, currently reliant on Chinese JF-17 Thunder jets, French Mirages and ageing US F-16s.
The planes were inducted in a fly-past attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan, services chiefs and Chinese officials.
“It is a big addition to our defence system,” Khan said. “I am thankful to China on behalf of our nation for providing these jets in record time of eight months.”
The fly-past came hours after Pakistan warned India of “unpleasant consequences” over what it said was an Indian-originated, but unidentified, high-altitude supersonic object that crashed in Pakistani territory on Thursday.
India later stated that it was a missile that was accidentally fired into Pakistan due to a “technical malfunction” during routine malfunction (see lead report on page 9).
The nuclear-armed neighbours have fought three wars and numerous military clashes since independence from Britain in 1947, most recently in 2019 which saw the air forces engage in combat.
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