Qatar Red Crescent has provided the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip with the necessary quantities of medicines to treat breast cancer patients, with the aim of maintaining the continuity of the treatment services provided to them, and preventing the interruption of their treatment protocols, as part of its continuous health interventions in the sector.

Director of the Qatar Red Crescent Office in Gaza Dr. Akram Nassar, confirmed that the new intervention comes to ensure the continuation of providing treatment services to breast cancer patients in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, by permanently providing 21 types of chemotherapy drugs, explaining that this intervention is being implemented within a project for providing treatment and rehabilitation services for breast cancer patients," at a total cost of USD 864,000.

For his part, Assistant Director General of Pharmacy at the Ministry of Health in Gaza Dr. Zikri Abu Qamar stressed that the Strip suffers from a drug crisis, especially for cancer patients, as the percentage of shortages in medicines for these diseases is 50 percent, which leads to the suspension of treatment courses and negatively affects the health of patients, noting that the intervention of Qatar Red Crescent contributed to reducing the percentage of shortage to 30 percent by providing treatment services to about 1,400 breast cancer patients.

Qatar Red Crescent pays attention to helping provide health interventions for the treatment of cancer in the Gaza Strip, through the implementation of several projects to provide cancer drugs to patients, and to fund specialized researches dealing with cancer risks for patients and ways to improve therapeutic and diagnostic services. The total cost of implementing the project during the last two years alone amounted to about USD 2.5 million.

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