Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) recently released several new innovative and useful features on its multi-award-winning QIB mobile app.
The latest update enable even more remote transaction types, simplifies the overall banking experience, and allows customers to have more control of their banking needs. Using a QR Code, QIB customers can now add a transfer beneficiary or share their account details on the QIB mobile app. By simply logging into the app, customers can share the QR code with anybody from their contact list to scan and transfer money to their accounts within QIB.
Moreover, QIB has enhanced the cheque book request feature, which allows customers to instantly know if they are eligible to get a cheque book and immediately request one. Following the upgrade, customers can also now avail the ‘instant card request’ feature, which enables them to instantly get a replacement card or a supplementary card request for their families and get their request approved instantly without the need to file a request at a branch.
The latest update, in response to the prioritised customer needs, also encompasses the ‘latest announcements’ feature, which will display the latest offers and news from the bank immediately to the customers, helping them to avail the latest offers and promotions and stay up to date from their dashboard on the mobile app in real-time. It also allows them to avail special, bespoke offers available exclusively to them from QIB, enhancing the value they are receiving from their bank.
D Anand, QIB general manager -- Personal Banking Group, said: “Customers will always remain at the heart of our business. At QIB, we continue to introduce new innovative features to our mobile app and enhance existing features to make them available instantly as the app has become the primary method for our customers to meet their daily banking needs.
“By digitalising our products and services, we are enabling our customers to perform the majority of their daily transactions by simply logging into our all-inclusive mobile app from anywhere, without the need to visit a branch.”
The new QIB mobile app features easy-to-use English and Arabic interfaces, secure and smart biometric login, self-registration, smart shortcuts, and a combo navigation panel that allows customers to find all the offered products and services in simple steps and get the help they need quickly within the app for a seamless and intuitive customised experience.
All transactions can now be completed within a few steps and customers will reap the benefits of the advanced and secured data systems to avoid filling or re-entering pre-registered information. The QIB mobile app offers customers the ability to have full control of their accounts, cards, and transactions and to fulfill all their banking requirements remotely. In addition, QIB customers can open a new account, apply, and get personal financing or credit card, and open additional accounts via the QIB mobile app in a few minutes.
To download the app, customers can visit the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei Gallery and search for QIB mobile app. Customers can easily self-register using their debit card details. For more information, visit