Qatar University Health (QU Health) was recently awarded a grant of QR199,164 by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to start a project on evaluating the effectiveness of the National Clinical Guidelines for Diabetes in Qatar and their relevant e-learning courses.
The consultants are represented by five faculty members from the College of Health Sciences and the College of Pharmacy – Dr Karam Ibrahim Adawi, Dr Mujahed M A Shraim, Dr Diana Alsayed Hassan, Dr Yaw Boahene Owusu, and Dr Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim (chair).
The scope of work includes conducting evaluation of the effectiveness (dissemination, adoption and implementation) of the National Guidelines for Diabetes, assessing the effectiveness of the National Clinical Guidelines (NCG) for Diabetes and e-Learning courses implementation, holding consultations with key stakeholders related to the NCG for Diabetes programme implementation in provider organisations, and conducting training session/s for the National Diabetes Strategy (NDS) and NCG teams.
Based on the scope of work, the QU Health team will carry out the project with the following objectives: to estimate the effectiveness of the guidelines’ dissemination process, assess the implementation of the National Diabetes Guidelines by healthcare professionals, evaluate the effectiveness of the e-learning courses as an educational tool, and determine the barriers and facilitators of implementing the information received in the e-module.
The QU team will prepare a final report and conduct training sessions to discuss and provide feedback and recommendations to the National Diabetes Committee.
Overall, the project will help policy makers on taking sound decisions regarding improvement of healthcare provided to patients with diabetes, and ultimately improving patient health outcomes.
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