More than 5.72mn transactions were completed through the Metrash2 application in 2021, it was revealed at a webinar organised by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) Tuesday.
Residency renewal, according to figures provided by the MoI, was the most-used service on Metrash2 followed by traffic violation payment and adding/updating the National Address. Also, Metrash2 recorded transactions for vehicle renewal, vehicle ownership transfer and visa extension.
The total number of transactions stood at 5,722,569 in 2021, the webinar was told.
Addressing a webinar on "E-Services of the Ministry of Interior", First-Lieutenant Ali al-Eidrous from the General Directorate of Information Systems explained that Metrash2 has 2,087,529 active users.
“In six languages, Metrash2 ensures secure and encrypted services while supporting multiple platforms with different screens. Metrash2 features more than 250 services for Qatari nationals, expatriates and companies,” he said, adding that it completes transactions while helping users save time and effort on a 24x7 basis.
First-Lieutenant al-Eidrous explained various services offered through the app and said Metrash2 fixes issues automatically and gives notifications to users regularly.
“The MoI has introduced the zero click concept for companies while enabling them to complete various transactions. A company is required only to register in the Automatic Residency Renewal section through Metrash2 and every month the service will renew the residency of employees automatically and send IDs to the company location without human intervention,” he said.
He noted that Metrash2 is more than a profile and the Smart Dashboard facility features everything about the user on the screen.
First-Lieutenant al-Eidrous noted that the E-Wallet service eases many proceedings as it can produce digital copies of key documents to avail of MoI services.
The E-Wallet contains digital copies of important documents that people can produce while availing of different MoI services or if asked for by security or traffic patrols. It consists of official documents, including the Qatar ID card (residence permit), driving licence, vehicle registration and ownership of fancy/significant number. The public can use the E-Wallet while approaching various departments and sections of the MoI to avail of their services.
The webinar also informed that the 2021 figure for Metrash2 transactions - 5,722,569 - marked a drop of 18.78 % compared to 2020, when 7,046,227 transactions were completed.
The webinar attendees included HR and Admin officers, PROs and government relations officers of public and private companies, establishments and organisations.