As part of the celebrations marking India's 73rd Republic Day, the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) recently conducted an online meeting along with the ICC Students' Forum to share and express views on 'India and Its Development'.
Kamla Thakur, ICC's head of activity co-ordinator and education, was the host of the meeting, while Ahamad Rabie welcomed the guests and attendees. The entire presentation was steered by Aryanandaa Devi.
Chief guest and keynote speaker M P Philip, principal of Bhavan's Public School, provided relevant details along with statistical evidence on the growth, prosperity and development of India. Philip also answered the questions of students and meeting participants using his knowledge and experience. He emphasised the importance of happiness for students and also advised them to work according to their capacity for learning and progress in life. The session was informative and appreciated by all, ICC said in a statement.
The students delivered speeches on various topics, such as the scientific, social and economic progress and development of India, rights and duties towards the nation, and vision for the future of India, etc. They also gave an introduction to the Constitution and its important articles and provisions.
Appreciating the efforts by all, ICC president P N Babu Rajan highlighted the importance of such discussions. He also praised the students for their thought-provoking, well-researched speeches and the wonderful way the meeting was conducted.
ICC vice-president Subramanya Hebbagelu, general secretary Krishna Kumar Bandhakavi and Management Committee member Sajeev Sathyaseelan also expressed their views and helped conduct the event successfully. The event was attended by students of various Indian schools, teachers, parents and other prominent members of the community. Siddhi Suresh proposed the vote of thanks.
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