Shura Council stresses need to rein in inflation
January 24 2022 11:12 PM
The Shura Council in session.
The Shura Council in session.

The weekly meeting of Shura Council on Monday expressed concern at the rising inflation and discussed ways to bring the cost of living in the country within affordable levels. The matter was taken up for discussion, based on a request submitted by several members.
HE the Speaker of the Shura Council, Hassan bin Abdullah al-Ghanim, indicated that inflation has risen sharply in the world during the pandemic, pointing to the importance of discussing the issue at the local level, given that it witnessed a great disparity compared to the countries of the region, and need to take effective steps to address it.
He pointed out that inflation and price increases necessitate the Council to discuss its justifications to come up with positive and effective results and solutions and noted that the wrong consumption culture plays a major role in raising prices, stressing the need to spread awareness about consumption and reduce spending on luxury goods and services.
In turn, HE the Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council Dr Hamda bint Hassan al-Sulaiti said that inflation recently exceeded 6%, while it was expected that it would not exceed 2.5%, indicating that the high inflation rate requires studying the issue and considering the laws that were enacted by the State to regulate the market, prevent monopoly, protect the consumer, and regulate the work of commercial agents.
She pointed to the significant rise in freight charges, which in turn affects prices, stressing in the same context the importance of determining the rental value and increasing subsidised food commodities according to the study of citizens' needs, opening the field for competition and reducing investment burdens, allowing the opening of shops under residential buildings, and increasing commercial streets, noting the need to inquire from the competent authorities about these points and determine the appropriate mechanism to deal with them.
The Council members explained that the issue of high prices and inflation is a global phenomenon, but it has become a prominent phenomenon in the Qatari society, reaching high levels without clear reasons. They stressed the need to develop radical solutions to curb unjustified price increases and prevent monopolistic practices. They pointed out that the steady rise in prices has become a threat to the standard of living and the prosperity of citizens.
The members of the Council stressed the importance of the national companies supported by the state to contribute to confronting this phenomenon, the need to reduce the monopoly of some companies on goods and services, increase the permissible licenses for shops, and change the uses of some lands and streets to commercial ones with taking into account the housing of families. After extensive discussions on the subject, the Council decided to refer it to the Council's Financial and Economic Affairs Committee to study it and submit its views and proposals to the Shura Council.
The Shura Council held yesterday its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of its Speaker. At the beginning of the session, the Speaker briefed the members on his meeting with Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Sentop and the accompanying delegation, as part of their visit to Doha, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Shura Council and the Turkish Grand National Assembly to increase parliamentary co-operation between the two countries.
In this context, HE the Speaker of the Council referred to the importance of the relations between Qatar and Turkey, which was embodied in many situations and is appreciated. He stressed the need to activate the parliamentary friendship associations between the two sides to effectively strengthen the existing bilateral relations between the two countries.
In this regard, the Council praised this visit and the signing of the MoU between the two sides. The members of the council stressed that this step will contribute to strengthening parliamentary relations between the two brotherly countries. They pointed out that the mutual visits between the two sides are of great importance in consolidating friendship relations and establishing bilateral relations based on achieving common interests, which is in the interest of the two brotherly countries and people.

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