Qatar Foundation’s( QF) Pre-University Education ( PUE) has launched a new scholarship programme for academically distinguished high school and university students who wish to pursue a career in education or work as education consultants and educators.
This scholarship was awarded to three outstanding students who graduated from Awsaj Academy – a school under PUE – and are currently studying at universities in the United Kingdom with different specialisations: Education; English Language; and Special Education Needs. And after they graduate, the three students will join QF in the capacity of a teacher or an employee where they will contribute to enhancing education in Qatar.
“When I got the scholarship, I was excited to start a new journey in the field of education, and seek to expand my knowledge in a field that I am interested in,” Maryam al-Abdullah, a recipient of the scholarship, said.
Al-Abdullah spoke about her experiences in school that prompted her to study education, specifically Special Educational Needs. “When I was in school, studying was not easy for me, and no one was able to help me. I moved to five different schools, and I always felt that I didn't get along with the other students or I wasn't good enough."
Al-Abdullah’s goal is to become a teacher not just for students with special needs, but for everyone. “Personally, I see a need to educate people on the subject of special educational needs, and the need to remove the stigma surrounding them. Special needs are not something to be ashamed of – we are all special and different in our own ways,” she said.
Al-Hanouf Ahmed al-Dosari, another recipient of the scholarship, said this scholarship was a recognition of her work that she accomplished during her years of study at Awsaj Academy.
“Since I graduated from school, getting this scholarship has been one of my biggest dreams. Fortunately, I was selected as one of the first students to get it, and this motivates me to do my best in my university, as I will try to support the field of education in my country more broadly,” al-Dosari said.
When Fatima Hassan al-Hammadi received the news of her award, she felt that all her hard work had finally paid off. “I chose to go into education because I know that change will happen just by trying to hear the voices of students, and how we can help them be better,” al-Hammadi said. “My goal is to leave a positive mark on the education system in Qatar, and I would like to be a teacher or a consultant for children with special needs. I will always strive to contribute to the development of the education system in Qatar. For example, I will try to provide an environment that motivates students to talk about their mental health and raise awareness about this to make schools a safe environment for all types of students.”
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