Focus International Qatar Region, a youth organisation, has launched a mental health campaign titled 'Don't Lose Hope' . CEO Haris P T inaugurated the event through Focus Qatar YouTube Channel. He said a number of events will be held during the three-month campaign, which runs until April 1.
A new study shows that the number of people suffering from mental disorders is increasing, especially in the light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Pointing out that the living conditions of the Covid era are mentally debilitating, Haris hoped that the campaign would help to identify those requiring support.
Leading motivational speaker and YouTuber C P Shihab, spoke on optimism and positivity. The presentation of the events from his life story as he was born without legs and hands, caught the attention of the audience. He added that with determination and endurance, life's crises can be overcome easily. Sajid Rahman E K, a young speaker and a member of the Radio Islam team, spoke on equilibrium. Syed Shaheer, a psychologist and founder of Alchemy of Happiness and Team Incubation, took a class on happiness.
Dr Russell, campaign convener and social welfare manager, explained the goals and programmes of the campaign. He said special programmes were planned for women, youth, students, low-income workers, professional staff, cancer patients and the elderly at all levels. A number of events will be organised for the public, including short film, photography and competitions, as well as cultural events, sports and arts competitions.
Focus Qatar COO Amir Shaji, CFO Safirussalam and Mansoor Othai spoke on the occasion, which was moderated by Fahsir Rahman.
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